Info for parents

Emergency contact number

If you need to contact us preschool hours due to an emergency, please call 07890 864347


We will provide milk and a snack during the session but you are welcome to bring a drink of your own.

Children staying for the whole day or attending the 12-3pm sessions will need to bring their own packed lunch. Suggested contents for lunch boxes :
  • Sandwiches (1 slice of bread is probably enough),
  • vegetables
  • fruit,
  • yoghurt
  • cereal bar or cake.

We ask that sweets and chocolates are not included in your child’s lunch box. Children are asked to eat their sandwiches, vegetables and fruit before having their sweet items.

Personal belongings

Please make sure all your child’s belongings are clearly labelled.

Toys brought into the preschool are brought in at the parents/carers risk.

Allergies and medication

If your child has to take medication i.e. allergies/asthma, please bring the medication with you and sign the medication book, giving consent for staff to be able to administer it if needed.

Collecting your child

Please let us know details of all persons collecting your child, it is especially important if this changes for any reason on any session


Your child’s photograph may be taken at prechool either for our portfolio or by local press during some events, if you require anonymity from the press, or would rather pictures were not taken, please indicate to the play leader. Any digital images of prints will be stored at the residence of the playleader until a child leaves.

Day carers and safeguarding children
As a provider of day care registered with Ofsted, we are required to follow the Child Protection procedures agreed through Wiltshire Local Safeguarding Children Board.

As a provider involved in the care of your child, we will try at all times to share with you any concerns we may have. However, we do have a duty to refer to Social Services if we suspect that child abuse may be an issue. Our first concern will always be the welfare of your child. We have a copy of the Local Safeguarding Children Board procedures and Guidance for you to see if you wish. You may also see Daisy Chain’s Child Protection Policy and Procedures.
Our local Social Services Duty Office is: 0300 4560108
Social Services Out of hours: 0845 6070888

OFSTED: 0300 1231231
If your child has sustained an injury prior to coming to preschool, please inform staff in case of any developments. If we notice any injury, we will ask for details to eliminate any injury caused at preschool. You will always be informed of any accident or incident occurring whilst you child is in our care.