Returning in September 2020

After the Summer Break children will be returning to their normal hours and days and will be staying to lunch if that is part of their booked sessions. We will be going into setting via the back garden gate and sanitising hands on arrival.

.We want to be outside as much as possible, so come prepared for the weather. If it’s raining, wear wellies and puddle suits. Bring a bag of spare clothes & indoor shoes. All bags (essential items inside only please) should be named with a large label on the outside

HEALTH: By bringing your child into pre-school, you are confirming that they, and everyone else in your household is 100% well.
If, for example, a member of the household has a cold but the child does not, the child could carry the virus and pass is to a friend at pre-school. A child developing a temperature or a cough at pre-school will be isolated with a staff member in full PPE awaiting collection by a parent and they will need a Covid test.
If we have any positive Covid cases of a person that has been in pre-school, we will have to close for 14 days, so keeping illness away from Daisy-Chain, the children, staff and parents is paramount.

ARRIVAL & COLLECTION: is via the garden gate, the car park side of the building. As there will be higher pedestrian use, can drivers please be vigilant when moving around the car park.
Most schools have varied drop off & collection times and we know many children have siblings at school. In order to accommodate this, we have a flexible drop off & collection. We will open from 8.50 for an early drop off if you need it, or drop off late, whichever is most convenient. Children can be collected early, or 3.15 at the latest. Please keep to your designated hours though, or you may incur an additional fee. If you will be collecting after 3pm, please let us know at drop off so that we are aware.

LUNCH: When your little one is ready to start staying for lunch, they will need it pre-packed into a named lunch box. Please try and make sure that your child can open the containers inside by themselves if at all possible.
We are attaching our lunch policy for lunch ideas and for our procedures.

‘System of controls’ This is the set of actions early years settings must take. They are outlined in more detail below.
1) minimise contact with individuals who are unwell by ensuring that those who have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, or who have someone in their household who does, do not attend settings
2) clean hands thoroughly more often than usual
3) ensure good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach
4) introduce enhanced cleaning, including cleaning frequently touched surfaces often using standard products, such as detergents and bleach
5) minimise contact between groups where possible
6) where necessary, wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)

Numbers 1 to 4 must be in place in all settings, all the time.
Number 5 must be properly considered, and settings must put in place measures that suit their particular circumstances.
Number 6 applies in all specific circumstances.
Response to any infection:
7) engage with the NHS Test and Trace process
8) manage confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) amongst the setting community
9) contain any outbreak by following local health protection team advice
10) notify Ofsted
Numbers 7 to 10 must be followed in every case where they are relevant

If you would like to read our Covid Information Leaflet ask in setting. pandemic leaflet frontpage 1

Daisy Chain in July 2020

Due to the Covid Pandemic around half the children decided to return to Daisy Chain before the Summer break. The maximum children in setting at any one time was around 11 with 3 staff. They were in setting for mornings only.

Daisy Chain March to June 2020

Well, what a difficult Spring was had by all and we are still not quite back to normal. Daisy Chain was closed due to the Covid C19 crisis and lockdown from late March and  staff were furloughed.

We re opened in June after lots of preparation from Sarah and the ladies. New social distancing and cleaning policies and procedures were instigated and garden play is the order of the day. The staff and children that returned found that after a few tweaks the new regime is working well. Toys are alternated and put aside for a 72 hours  once cleaned. The equipment is cleaned with antiviral solution every day and  smaller number of staff and children attending are their own safety ‘bubble’ of contacts. Frequent hand washing is  expected and the children rarely go inside except to use the toilet. Plenty of gazebo cover for rain or sun is available.

We are not doing visits during sessions to keep our bubble of children safe but socially distant garden visits for new families want to look around prior to starting can be arranged after the session has finished.

Daisy Chain has become a little paradise for frogs of all sizes, the children continue to enjoy the Mud Kitchen and making homes for snails.

January to March 2020

Fun with noodles and dragon dancing, dressing up, Chinese snacks, making red envelopes and dragon puppets were all part of our Chinese New Year celebrations.

February brought frog spawn in our Daisy Chain pond, activities based on the Little Red Hen story and Pancake Day play.

visiting rats jan 2020

We also had a visit from Royal Veterinary College Nurse Verity and her pet rats. The children thought it was very funny when they hid in her hoodie.

Our topic on ‘bigger, bigger bigger’ encouraged the children to think about growing, so lots of size related activities and using measures. We thought about how we grow and what we can do now we are bigger.

We loved watching chicks hatch in an incubator loaned to us by a Daisy Family.

We had some new book bags which are available for families to borrow.

If you are a parent please ask to join the closed Daisy Chain group on Face Book to keep up to date with information and activities for children.

Daisy Chain Autumn 2019


In the Autumn we had a visit from 3 puppies which was very exciting for the children. We had a range of Autumn activities including a pumpkin fairy garden. As Christmas approached we made decorations for our tree at the Christmas Tree Festival in All Saints church, explored the Polar Express in the Tuff Spot tray and other festive activities.


Daisy Chain Summer 2019

Daisy Chain Summer 2019
Well World Bee Day was exciting with the arrival of a swarm of bees. 2 local bee keepers came to our rescue. The bees had only been in the hedge over the weekend but had already made honeycomb.
We had honey cakes for snack and tried out some bee themed activities.

We had a slide for the garden donated to us
which has been much enjoyed by the children.
Some of the children were very interested in playing with dinosaurs and enjoyed exploring these areas.
We said farewell and thank you to Norma who retired after 20 years of working as a Daisy Lady. Norma was presented with cards and gifts to celebrate her time with us.

Daisy Chain September 2018 to Spring 2019


 We welcomed our new arrivals and their parents and carers in the Autumn term by having 2 induction days at the beginning of September before the older children returned.


The Mud Kitchen built by Staff member Norma and her husband Nick continues to bring delight and learning to all the children. Mixing potions and mud pies, sorting resources, using utensils and working together contributes to every area of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage.


We celebrated the 1 year anniversary of our Outstanding OFSTED report at the beginning of March 2019.
We held our annual Easter celebration in the church. As usual the Easter Bonnet display made everyone smile.
Our garden developments continued  in the spring with the digging of a new pond and a small bog garden. We were too late for tadpoles this year but are hopeful for Spring 2020 as some frogs have now made the pond their home.

Summer 2018

+We were very excited to be given a rating from Ofsted of Outstanding in All Areas in March this year.Daisy chain banner 2018

During the Summer the children at Daisy Chain enjoyed learning all sorts of things.

We spent a lot of time thinking about being kind. Kind to each other and to the environment and the creatures that live in it. We stated a recycling scheme so the children could sort their lunch rubbish into bins for plastics, paper and card and fruit and vegetable waste ready for the compost bins. We also took care of our plants and nature area.

We had topics based on the children’s interests and learnt about Under the Sea, practiced our physical skills during Circus Activities, Were fascinated by Magical  Mysteries (trying experiments, bubble painting, exploring bubbles big enough to stand in, making potions). We also celebrated the Royal Wedding with a selection of different activities.

We had visits from our school leavers new reception teachers from Westbury Infants, Bitham Brook and Westbury Leigh schools. we even had a visit from the goats that live at Westbury Leigh School!goats ata pre school

Some nice Ladies from Dental Care Westbury came along to talk about our teeth and how to keep them clean and strong.


We also had some Dads, Grandads and Uncles visit during the week before Father’s Day.

Autumn 2017

In September we welcomed our new families. The new children and their parents and carers attended two induction days before the other children returned to Daisy Chain after the summer break. This gave them a chance to settle in and familiarise themselves with the setting.

We were excited that the new Mud Kitchen had been completed by Norma’s Husband Nick. With lots of bowls and two cookers there is plenty of room for several children to play at once. All kinds of resources have been chopped and mixed, herbs, fruit, stones, seeds, sunflower heads and pumpkins.DSC00365



Before half term we covered various topics including………..

Pirates – hunting for and counting treasure numbers in the sand pit, pirate coins in sand and  looking for sea creatures hidden around the setting. We made paper octopus and practiced out scissor skills and learnt how to carry scissors safely.

Marvellous me –  talking  about ourselves, measuring our feet and drawing our faces. Mixing colours on our hands and making prints, measuring our height and talking about differences and looking at our hair.

As the weather changed we talked about the new season of Autumn and used natural resources to count with and make pictures., used dry leaves to make wreaths, learnt about germs and how to wash our hands and talked about what you wear in cold weather.


RUH bear oct 17

We brought in our cuddly toys and donations in October for the Royal United Hospital Forever Friends appeal and were amazed when the Forever Friends Big Ted came to visit us. Some children were a little nervous as he was very big, but others confidently gave him a hug or a ‘high five’.

The sunflowers were removed from our growing patch and thoroughly explored by the children who were asked what they wanted to plant next. Their replies included pink flowers for the bees and pop corn. We planted some pink flowers,  radishes and cabbages. The slugs have enjoyed the cabbages!


After the Half Term break we all dressed up for Halloween and had a pumpkin party. Our daily adult led activities were based on the Every Child a Talker document and were focussed on Listening and attention, understanding, speaking , social communication and speech sounds.


We have book Bags available for children to borrow and enjoy at home. We have 2 new bags one with a dog theme and the other with a penguin theme. Inside there are 3 books, a toy and some laminated cards to practice mark making skills and numbers on. There is also a dry wipe pen and a cloth so you can use them right away.

A Busy Year

We have had a busy year at Daisy Chain this year. We started in September with a selection of activities based on the Every Child a Talker statements which we use to help us assess children’s language development. Listening games, memory games and games to help us pronounce speech sounds clearly such as Kim’s game, Chatter Box and Silly Soup all contributed to the fun.

These were followed by Bear themed activities. Honey sandwich making,  Ted’s Bake Off, sorting bears by size, sequencing the Goldilocks story and making bears from shapes.

We explored Autumn customs  themed activities Bonfire night, Diwali hand patterns and paint blowing fireworks.

November found us Being Healthy. We talked about and tried printing with fruit, learnt about germs and hand washing,  practiced our hand eye co ordination chopping vegetables for soup.  talked about cleaning our bodies, and cleaning our teeth, thought about what makes  a healthy lunch. We also worked on Weather themed activities making rainbows, looking at the water cycle and umbrellas.

By the time December arrived we were well in the throws of Christmas activities…. using presents to learn shapes, making paper chains, snowflake printing, rice crispy Christmas pudding cakes. pomanders from cloves and oranges (excellent for hand eye                          co- ordination).

We had our Christmas party which was enjoyed by all. Dave Hickory entertained us and Father Christmas arrived at the end to hand out gifts to all the children.

January found us trying out activities based on the book ‘Stick Man’, How my body works and also a Fantasy theme as the children were interested in magic stories and games. We made potions with fruit and flowers.

experiments with fruit daisy chain





February brought a Super Hero theme followed by Under the Sea. The highlight of the Under the Sea theme was having real dead fish for the children to explore. Finding out that some of them have teeth and investigating their fins and tails.

The ladies worked creatively with the theme of Books in March. Dinosaurs and skeletons, sorting dogs by size, hungry caterpillars and spiders. We then had ‘Fun with Maths’ . Parking cars in numbered car park bays to help with number recognition, using triangles to make elephant puppets, using containers and rice to explore full and empty/ heavy and light and using shapes to make cat pictures. We also looked at  clocks and the children were introduced to time related language..

Easter themed activities were then the order of the day. Matching egg patterns, Easter egg collage, chocolate nest cakes, sequencing the Humpty Dumpty story and using egg shells to make faces which grew cress hair. We had our Easter Bonnet Parade in the church as there is plenty of room there for family members to sit and watch the parade comfortably before joining in with the Easter Song time.

The Summer Term saw lots of sunny days, some were a little too hot! The children as always  were taught the importance of sun cream and hats and the ladies made lots of shady areas in the garden. The Daisy Chain rule of ‘No hat, no garden’ was revisited along with other safety activities During ‘Safety Week’. Safety with tools, not touching hot and sharp objects, crossing roads safely and we talked about our bodies, saying ‘No’ and the NSPCC ‘PANTS’ rule and what is in your pants is private.

Click to access underwear-rule-children-guide-english.pdf

We had a little trip around the world as part of our ‘Are we there yet’ activities. We often focus on a world  theme at this time as we have as a setting celebrated the United Nations Day of the Child at this time for a few years now. Also Children had been on holiday and for day trips and these activities encouraged them to talk about their experiences. We tried magnetic fishing, made passports, talked about transport and how we travelled to our holiday, made trains from shapes, made flags, talked about China, France and Australia and had a round the world animal scavenger hunt which helped us use and learn positional language such as at the top, behind and next to.

We practised our circus skills during the Carnival and Celebrations activities. The children were very interested in the fact that the Circus had come to town. Some of them passed the Big Top on the way to Daisy Chain. We made circus ponies, learnt balancing and throwing and catching  skills, we did magic mark making, balloon printing and played with the magic cup and ball game.

During the last week of term we had Wizard of Oz role play in the garden. The older children in particular had enjoyed hearing various versions of the story. They particularly liked playing in the tower made from  a large box.


Wizard of Oz themed play

We celebrated the end of term with our Disco day followed by our Leaver’s Party at Splodges Soft Play.