January to March 2020

Fun with noodles and dragon dancing, dressing up, Chinese snacks, making red envelopes and dragon puppets were all part of our Chinese New Year celebrations.

February brought frog spawn in our Daisy Chain pond, activities based on the Little Red Hen story and Pancake Day play.

visiting rats jan 2020

We also had a visit from Royal Veterinary College Nurse Verity and her pet rats. The children thought it was very funny when they hid in her hoodie.

Our topic on ‘bigger, bigger bigger’ encouraged the children to think about growing, so lots of size related activities and using measures. We thought about how we grow and what we can do now we are bigger.

We loved watching chicks hatch in an incubator loaned to us by a Daisy Family.

We had some new book bags which are available for families to borrow.

If you are a parent please ask to join the closed Daisy Chain group on Face Book to keep up to date with information and activities for children.


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