Daisy Chain March to June 2020

Well, what a difficult Spring was had by all and we are still not quite back to normal. Daisy Chain was closed due to the Covid C19 crisis and lockdown from late March and  staff were furloughed.

We re opened in June after lots of preparation from Sarah and the ladies. New social distancing and cleaning policies and procedures were instigated and garden play is the order of the day. The staff and children that returned found that after a few tweaks the new regime is working well. Toys are alternated and put aside for a 72 hours  once cleaned. The equipment is cleaned with antiviral solution every day and  smaller number of staff and children attending are their own safety ‘bubble’ of contacts. Frequent hand washing is  expected and the children rarely go inside except to use the toilet. Plenty of gazebo cover for rain or sun is available.

We are not doing visits during sessions to keep our bubble of children safe but socially distant garden visits for new families want to look around prior to starting can be arranged after the session has finished.

Daisy Chain has become a little paradise for frogs of all sizes, the children continue to enjoy the Mud Kitchen and making homes for snails.

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