Up to Christmas

The School year is whizzing by. During the autumn terms we explored the theme of  The Forest we thought about Bears and the Gruffalo amongst other things. A little hedgehog was found in the Daisy Chain garden.
We all enjoyed our usual Christmas activities. The Nativity play and Christmas party and a trip to Westbury Infant School to see the reception children in their play.
 Gruffalo Crumble for snacks yum yum!

Gruffalo cakes .

Pictures of Bears

‘Cooking’ in the garden


Daisy Chain in September

During our 2 induction days at the beginning of term we welcomed our new arrivals and their families.
The key persons inducted their new key children explaining the routines and layout and learnt about their children.

Sarah had bought some new toys for the children to use. Here is Ginger Bear trying some of them out .

Having access to the new top garden is amazing there is so much more room for everyone to play.

The new book corner is so cosy and relaxing, perfect for snuggling up with a book.

At Daisy Chain we have been improving our awareness and understanding of British Values  and our Prevent Duty. At Daisy Chain the British Values are experienced by  the children throughout their sessions through teaching and modelling by adults. The British Values are Democracy, The rule of Law, Indivudal Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of different Faiths and Beliefs.

 We have been exploring activities based on the theme of hoildays.

Daisy Chain April to July 2015

We had a very busy summer at Daisy Chain.
 During the week nearest Father’s day dads, uncles and grandads popped in to play.

We enjoyed learning about different countries from around the world. Especially the day we explored Turkey with tasty cheese rolls and baklava baked by one of the Dads who came to visit and tell us all about the country. We also explored lots of other countries visiting a new one each day sampling snacks from the area and trying out activities from The Netherlands, China and Italy to name but a few.

Later in the term we read the story of Noah’s Ark and tried out colour mixing, painting rainbows,making boats and we tasted snacks of every colour.

Near the end of term 6 we explored physical activities from threading to football skills.

We were all very excitied when the new top lawn was fenced and there was room to really run about.

At the end of term we said  farewell to our leavers who were moving on to ‘Big School’ with an end of term party at Splodges Soft play in Westbury. 

Daisy Chain January to March 2015

During terms 3 and 4 the children at Daisy Chain took part in activities that would help them learn about familiar routines. We looked at routines in the setting such as getting ready for snack time….. washing hands, finding your name, choosing what colour plate to have. We  looked at our name cards to support children when they self register for snack and on arrival. We thought about choosing toys for the day and made collages from catalogues and we talked about routines at home sauch as what do the children do before they go to bed.

As lots of the children love Thomas the Tank Engine we provided a range of activities based on these books. We made trains from shapes , drew our own tracks, looked at time and turned the whole room into a station for role play.

During Chinese New Year we listened to Chinese music as we did Dragon Dancing, we made fans, dragon puppets, lucky red envelpes, lanterns, and panda pictures.

Because of World Book Day we spent 2 weeks exploring activities based on our favourite books. We made our own Elmer the patchwork elephant, counted out apples for 10 apples up on top, made hand print Gruffalos, baked bread using a cookery book, practised writing numbers on a phone and talked about the phone book and coloured the hungry caterpillar by numbers.

Daisy Chain September to December 2014

September saw the arrival of our new Bug Hotel in the garden, filled with all kinds of recycled materials to provide cosy nesting and hibernating places for mini beasts.

We began the new year by settling in our new arrivals who had their own induction sessions.  The children found these quieter sessions without the older children helpful as it gave them time to become familiar with their surroundings and to get to know their Key Persons.

‘We;re going on a Bear Hunt’ was the theme of the first set of activities and the children took part in activities such as threading bears, bear pictures made from different sized circles, ordering bears by size, counting bears, swirling whirling snow storms, bear puzzles and making honey sandwiches.

‘Every Child A Talker’  or ECAT is an assessment tool used in the setting to monitor children’s speech , language, understanding and attention and listening and we based our second set of activities around these areas of language development. Sorting by type what do we wear/what do we eat?, asking what objects are used for  for example tooth brush, scissors, looking at the first 6 Jolly Phonics letter sounds (S AT P I N) and their actions, listening games, action words, sound lotto, musical instruments and Simon Says.

We then moved on to look at activities with a Shape, colour and size theme. We counted button spots on dogs, made cats and houses from shapes, sorted buttons by colour and counted them, we used the Kindle and played a shaped themed programme on it, looked at tall and short and measured objects and people matched and named shapes with a Mr Man theme, and tried colour mixing to make dinosaurs using stencils

Ginger Bear’s Itallian cousin Gino went on hoiday to Venice with Pam and had a lovely time eating ice cream and riding on Gondolas. He brought back his holiday pictures which can be found on Ginger Bear’s Face Book page.
Christmas was celebrated in the usual Daisy Chain fashion decorating the tree, making decorations and cards, practising Christmas songs and dressing up for our Nativity Play. Again this year we asked the children to retell the Christmas story in their own words which was very amusing apparently Mary and Joseph lived a long time ago’like when the dinosaurs were dead’ and Joseph worked at ‘fixing lifts and hammering on tables’ the angel that came to visit Mary was called ‘Angel Heaven’. When the angels visited the shepherds they sang ‘laalaalaa’ and ‘Let it Go’ (a sign of the times there I feel). Thank you to al those that supported out Christmas fund raising event after the Play.
 The term ended with an excellent party, all the Daisy Ladies dressed in their festive outfits, Dave Hickory entertained us all and Father Christmas arrived with gifts.

Daisy Chain April to July 2014

During term 6 we again enjoyed having the children’s Dads visit as part of our ‘Father’s Day week’. It was interesting for the Dads to see what their children get up to during their time at Daisy Chain and good for the children to share their favourite activities with their fathers.
We celebrated the United Nations day of the Child with a selection of activities and snacks from around the world. We made Malaysian Kites, Chinese Janzies, painted with Italian spaghetti and made Dutch windmill pictures to name but a few.

Daisy Chain’s teddy Ginger Bear had a visit from his Italian cousin Gino.

At the end of term we said farewell and good luck  to all of our school leavers with an excellent party at Splodges Soft Play in Westbury . The new term begins on 4th September.

Daisy Chain Decmber to March 2014

After the Christmas break the Daisy Chain children enjoyed a range of activities based on dinosaurs. We  counted them, measured them drew around them and sorted them by size.
Super Heroes then became our focus and we were very excited to be visited by Batman. He spent an hour chatting to the children. Batman patiently answered all their questions. The children wanted to know where he lived , could he fly, was he a boy, why did he have a beard (because it is cold flying in the Bat Wing in the winter!) . Also what the different parts of his armour on his suit did. The children were making power bracelets from cardboard that day and rushed to show Batman their creations.

We continued the term thinking about our homes and families.We thought about how much we love our Mummies and Daddies,made boxes of hugs for them and made cards. We drew pictures of ourselves and our families and thought about how we were babies and how we have grown.

As children all enjoy being read to we focussed our learning on ‘Books’ wanting to introduce them to the idea that books not only contained stories but other types of information too,. We used recipie books to cook. Looked at fact books to find out about butterflies, made bridges for the 3 Billy Goats Gruff to cross the river.
To encourage the children’s expressive language and imaginative play (very important for later story writing skills when they are at school) we had a whole day when the all the settings small world toys were set out.
Easter was soon upon us and lots of Easter themed activities were provided. We sponge printed Easter patterns, turned our hand prints into flowers, matched patterns on eggs and the role play area was a rabbit warren (with a few chicks and hens).
The Easter Bonnet Parade was amazing with no two hats alike. Our fete afterwards was well supported and the money we raised this year was donated to the charity Dorothy House.

Autumn 2013

During the Autumn Term children at Daisy Chain Learnt about the Farm. There were lots of different activities to try and the main play room was transformed into a farm yard with large toy animals The sit and ride tractors and a bale of hay.

 Even Ginger Bear got the chance to sit in the tractor.

Local farmer Brian brought his real tractor for us to look at and the children had a chance to sit in the cab.
One family brought their chicken in for us to see and Sarah Fox brought her dog called Fly which the children were allowed to pat if they wanted to and washed their hands afterwards.

Later in the term we thought about Being Healthy. We talked about eating healthy food , taking exercise, and keeping ourselves clean, particularly washing hands cleaning our teeth and covering our coughs (with our elbow so the cough and sneeze germs don’t get on our hands).
The garden was re turfed with a kind donation and the money raised from our sales and raffles went towards new equipment for the garden.

We changed activities to learn about Autumn, making bird feeders, hedgehogs (practising our scissor skills snipping straws for their spines), printing with leaves and making rubbings with leaves before starting our Christmas activities in December. Our Nativity Play was as popular as ever.Especially the story when told as the children remembered (Mary was visited by an angel called ‘Angel Delight’). The older children enjoyed walking to Westbury Infant School to see the Nativity Plays.

Daisy Chain in July

The children had been very interested in our ‘Around the World ‘ day at the beginning of June so we decided to revisit the topic and spend longer introducing them to other countries. We had lots of activities to use as a starting points and the children were interested in the large map of the world wanting to know where they lived.

We talked about Russia and compared the sizes and drew around a set of Russian nesting dolls. We made pictures using glue and sand and made pyramid pictures from rectangles of paper whist talking about deserts and Egypt. Australia was introduced through it’s varied wildlife and the children made vegemite sandwiches. The children used their mathematical skills to build tall towers and compare sizes as they looked at pictures of skyscrapers in New York. We made red fans from China and made the South African flag and designed flags of our own. Italy was introduced as we explored painting with dry and cooked pasta  comparing the different marks we made.

The children also explored fish from around the world as a sea cod, trout and squid was available for them to touch (with gloves on).

Our summer fete was a great success contributing £150 towards the garden improvements.
We said goodbye to our school leavers who enjoyed their farewell party at Kalula  Kids soft play and we were excited to meet Peppa Pig who popped in to see us.

Daisy Chain restarts on Wed 4th September2013.