Daisy Chain January to March 2015

During terms 3 and 4 the children at Daisy Chain took part in activities that would help them learn about familiar routines. We looked at routines in the setting such as getting ready for snack time….. washing hands, finding your name, choosing what colour plate to have. We  looked at our name cards to support children when they self register for snack and on arrival. We thought about choosing toys for the day and made collages from catalogues and we talked about routines at home sauch as what do the children do before they go to bed.

As lots of the children love Thomas the Tank Engine we provided a range of activities based on these books. We made trains from shapes , drew our own tracks, looked at time and turned the whole room into a station for role play.

During Chinese New Year we listened to Chinese music as we did Dragon Dancing, we made fans, dragon puppets, lucky red envelpes, lanterns, and panda pictures.

Because of World Book Day we spent 2 weeks exploring activities based on our favourite books. We made our own Elmer the patchwork elephant, counted out apples for 10 apples up on top, made hand print Gruffalos, baked bread using a cookery book, practised writing numbers on a phone and talked about the phone book and coloured the hungry caterpillar by numbers.

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