Daisy Chain September 2018 to Spring 2019


 We welcomed our new arrivals and their parents and carers in the Autumn term by having 2 induction days at the beginning of September before the older children returned.


The Mud Kitchen built by Staff member Norma and her husband Nick continues to bring delight and learning to all the children. Mixing potions and mud pies, sorting resources, using utensils and working together contributes to every area of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage.


We celebrated the 1 year anniversary of our Outstanding OFSTED report at the beginning of March 2019.
We held our annual Easter celebration in the church. As usual the Easter Bonnet display made everyone smile.
Our garden developments continued  in the spring with the digging of a new pond and a small bog garden. We were too late for tadpoles this year but are hopeful for Spring 2020 as some frogs have now made the pond their home.

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