Summer 2018

+We were very excited to be given a rating from Ofsted of Outstanding in All Areas in March this year.Daisy chain banner 2018

During the Summer the children at Daisy Chain enjoyed learning all sorts of things.

We spent a lot of time thinking about being kind. Kind to each other and to the environment and the creatures that live in it. We stated a recycling scheme so the children could sort their lunch rubbish into bins for plastics, paper and card and fruit and vegetable waste ready for the compost bins. We also took care of our plants and nature area.

We had topics based on the children’s interests and learnt about Under the Sea, practiced our physical skills during Circus Activities, Were fascinated by Magical  Mysteries (trying experiments, bubble painting, exploring bubbles big enough to stand in, making potions). We also celebrated the Royal Wedding with a selection of different activities.

We had visits from our school leavers new reception teachers from Westbury Infants, Bitham Brook and Westbury Leigh schools. we even had a visit from the goats that live at Westbury Leigh School!goats ata pre school

Some nice Ladies from Dental Care Westbury came along to talk about our teeth and how to keep them clean and strong.


We also had some Dads, Grandads and Uncles visit during the week before Father’s Day.

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