Daisy Chain in September

During our 2 induction days at the beginning of term we welcomed our new arrivals and their families.
The key persons inducted their new key children explaining the routines and layout and learnt about their children.

Sarah had bought some new toys for the children to use. Here is Ginger Bear trying some of them out .

Having access to the new top garden is amazing there is so much more room for everyone to play.

The new book corner is so cosy and relaxing, perfect for snuggling up with a book.

At Daisy Chain we have been improving our awareness and understanding of British Values  and our Prevent Duty. At Daisy Chain the British Values are experienced by  the children throughout their sessions through teaching and modelling by adults. The British Values are Democracy, The rule of Law, Indivudal Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of different Faiths and Beliefs.

 We have been exploring activities based on the theme of hoildays.

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