December news for Daisy Chain Preschool,Westbury

During December the children at Daisy Chain preschool , Westbury helped make decorations for their tree which was part of the All Saints Church Christmas tree festival. On Wednesday the 10th.Staff took the children who attended the afternoon session tothe church to decorate their tree and look around.The tree looked delightful covered in strings of daisies.

The setting was busy making cards and pinecone decorations,paper chains and most exciting of all playing with the new magic snow bought for us by Sarah our playleader.We couldn’t believe our eyes as we added the water to the powder and watched it transform in to snow as we stirred it around.

One Monday morning Father Christmas came to play so that the children could get used to him before the Christmas party.We felt in the setting that their experience of Father Christmas is so brief that it would be nice for the children to spend a little longer with him and overcome their fears.This was a great succes,the children were delighted with their visitor.He played with the playdough, made jigsaws, read lots of stories and built robots with the mega blocks. The children who were nervous had made friends with Father Christmas by the end of the morning and were reluctant to let him go.

We had another outing on Tuesday the 16th. Westbury Infants school had kindly invited us to watch the Reception class nativity play.Thanks to a kind band of willing parent helpers we were able to attend.We couldn’t have gone without them as the ratio is 2 chidren to 1 adult when we leave the setting.We really enjoyed the peformance which was very sweet and our children behaved really well especially as it was a completely new experience for most of them.

Our own Nativity play was a retelling of the Christmas story in the children’s own words. After reading the story to the children several times and acting it out with the Playmobil figures we asked them to tell us what happened and they drew pictures of the characters. This was read out to the parents as the children came on stage in their costumes, led by the staff in their costumes.One of the most amusing comments made by the children was the list of gifts for baby Jesus apparently he had ‘Gold, shampoo and two cups.’

The last session of the year was our Christmas party.Around 30 children attended. We had dancing and catching bubbles followed by pass the parcel. A party lunch and then excellent entertainment was provided by chidren’s entertainer Dave Hickory who had us all in stitches of laughter. Father Christmas arrived to hand out presents to all. There were squeals of delight as the gifts were opened and every one was happy to take their presents from Father Christmas thanks to his previous visit.One little boy even said ‘Bye Father Christmas see you at Longleat.’

We return to preschool on Monday 5th. January 2009 and our focused activities will be on the theme of a ‘Commotion in the ocean’ looking at under water creatures, the seaside,pirates and mermaids.

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