Daisy Chain in March

During March the children have been exploring things using their senses and learning some Nursery Rhymes .
They enjoyed trying out all kinds of musical instruments and listening to their different sounds.The violin was a big hit and the electronic guitar.
We looked at textures and made feely books. We felt how soft Angel the visiting guinea pig was. Her sister Scruffy did not like being at pre- school and preferred to stay in her cage!
We baked jam tarts and smelt them cooking and looked at how they had changed.

We thought about Mother’s Day and talked about how our Mummies helped us and why we loved them.The comments were very varied from ‘I love my Mummy because she gives me hugs and kisses.’ to ‘I love my Mummy because she gives me apples, I love green apples.’
When the children were asked what their Mummies did for them when they were babies several said that their Mummy put them in their cot but one or two commented ‘She bathed me in the sink ’cause I was too little.’
On Friday 20th. lots of Mums and Grannies and Aunties came to visit and enjoyed decorating little Mother’s Day cup cakes together with the children.

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