Daisy Chain in July

July was a busy month as staff prepared leavers reports and updated the children’s Learning Journals for the last time before they moved on to ‘Big School’.
The journals were well received by parents.
We were overwhelmed by the appreciative comments made by parents in the questionnaire and on the review section of our Google maps posting……..

This review was posted on 20th July
‘If I could award more than 5 stars I definitely would. My children’s journey with Daisy Chain started in 2006 when I moved into the area not knowing a soul I knocked on the door and was welcomed by friendly happy staff and asked If I could put my son on the waiting list to start that September. Since then both my children have attended Daisy Chain.
The staff are always approachable, if you have a problem you need to discuss or even a shoulder to cry on they will be there for you.My two children learnt all their basic skills and followed the national curriculum in preparation for big school. Within their learning journey they are allowed to be creative and develop at their own pace. They are nurtured with love and care and have the best intentions for your child.
Daisy Chain is a fun place to go, the children do all sorts of activities from one day to the next such as painting, dressing up, playing with toys,learning how to look after animals that visit the setting, playing outside in the garden, growing plants and making food. Each activity benefits your child’s learning and is all done through fun and play.The children also have a quiet time where they can relax and sit quietly (depending on what story is being read) and read a book with one of the key workers.
It has a really good Ofsted report and I can safely say I am very proud to have sent my son and daughter to Daisy Chain.’

We all enjoyed some Pirate and Mermaid activities, a bubble day and had fun playing ‘Duck, duck goose ‘ and other games with the very energetic work experience students on placement with us.

We were all very proud when Sarah graduated at Bath Abby receiving her Foundation Degree in Early Childhood studies.

Term ended with a party at Jungle Jacks soft play centre for all those going on to school. It was lovely to spend our last two hours with them racing around and have fun. A few tears were shed by parents and staff alike. We wish them all well and will return refreshed on Monday 7th. September.

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