December at Daisy Chain

The children and staff were full of the Christmas spirit during December.
We made all kinds of festive crafts, oranges studded with cloves, decorated stars, Baby Jesus Boxes, Christmas trees made from shapes and many more.
The play dough went ‘all festive’ with glitter and sequins inside and we were amazed by the magic snow, just add water and watch it grow.

One morning the children were surprised by a visit from Father Christmas who kindly took a break from his hectic schedule to just come and play with the children. Sometimes we forget it can be a bit scary to have to chat with some one you only see for 10 minutes once a year.
The children loved playing with him and listening to stories and even the little one who cried when he first came in was sitting near him for story time at the end of the morning. The children drew him some lovely pictures. Father Christmas said he’d had a great time and could he come back next year?

Our Nativity play in the church was a great success, all the children were stars and sang their Christmas songs in big voices. Their outfits looked great and the ladies were good sports and dressed up too.

We had three outings. We went to All Saint’s Church in Westbury to set up our Daisy Chain Christmas Tree. We take part in the Christmas tree Festival each year ,decorating our tree with Daisies and baubles. This year we were one of over forty trees.

We also were invited to Westbury infant school to watch the dress rehursals of their Nativity plays. We love attending these, it gives us the chance to see how past pupils have grown and developed in confidence and it give our present pupils a chance to see what ‘Big’ school is like for themselves.

The children decorated bells and raised sponsor money towards the party. We’d like to thank the families who supported us in this activity.
The party was enjoyed by all. On arrival we played pass the parcel. We had to have two circles and four presents there were so many children. Then it was time to eat. There was a wonderful spread of party food prepared by staff. Once we were full we settled down to watch the children’s entertainer Dave Hickory. He is excellent at his job and had the children in stitches with laughter (and the staff). He is also a brilliant balloon modeller and made a snow man , a penguin and a caterpillar which he gave to the children as prizes.

Father Christmas made another appearance this time with presents, much to the children’s excitement and then it was time to go home. We return on Monday 4th. January 2010.

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