Daisy Chain Autumn and Winter 2010

Terms 1 and 2 were busy. New children to settle in and new hours to adjust to. Sessions now start at 9am and 12 noon and end at 3pm.
Once children were used to the setting we began activities focused on the children’s interest in the books by Linley Dodd about the dog Hairy Maclary. These books are excellent for introducing rhyming to the children and the ladies were able to think of lots of dog themed activities which the children enjoyed.

Once again in December we supported the Christmas Tree Festival at All Saints Church. We walked with the children to the church to decorate our tree with garlands of daisies and baubles. There were also trips to Westbury Infant’s School to watch their Nativity plays.
Lots of christmas themed activities took place.
Our own Nativity performance was held in the Methodist Church infront of an appreciative audience. We told the story in the children’s own words and pictures which caused much laughter.

Father Christmas came to play one morning, it was like bees round a honey pot he was in such demand to read stories, build with lego, play with the trains and make objects from play dough. The next day our Christmas party was well attended, pass the party, bubbles, lunch, excellent entertainment by Dave Hickory who kept the children in stitches of laughter followed by another visit from Father Christmas this time with a present for each child

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