Terms 1 and 2 2011

We started the new school year looking at Social Skills. We played lots of turn taking games and thought about our feelings and emotions.

We explored Autumn festivals through Halloween and Firework night activities and enjoyed a theme day based on the Longleat Safari Train.

As Christmas approached it was time for Father Christmas to join us to play for the morning to help everyone to make friends with him before the party.
We enjoyed lots of festive activities including icing biscuits ,decorating wreaths, making tree decorations from pine cones and pommanders from oranges studded with cloves.
The Nativity Play was enjoyed by all, especially the parts of the Christmas Story as recalled by the children.
Dave Hickory again gave us an excellent show during the party. The childrens faces were a delight to see as they watched, mesmerised by the hilarious magic tricks.

We said farewell to staff member Kirsty and welcomed two new ladies Sarah and Sharon to our team .

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