Daisy Chain March to May 2013

We enjoyed exploring all kinds of Easter themed activities. We decorated eggs, counted eggs, looked at different sized eggs from a tiny zebra finch to a giant ostrich egg, We used egg shell to decorate a Humpty Dumpty puppet and had a wonderful Easter Bonnet parade.

 We had a visit from the ‘Zoo Lab’. We sat round in a circle while the lady showed us all her animals and talked about  each one. She told us about animals sleeping in the winter and waking up in the spring.

 We went on to focus on the theme of Space.

 ‘Aliens love underpants’ is a favourite story of the children’s. We made star shaped biscuits, blew paint through straws to make aliens, used salt dough to make space monsters. As astronauts have to get fit to go to space we did an assault course. We also extended our number recognition skills by fishing for numbered stars. We thought about safety and wearing seat belts and helmets then used boxes to make space helmets.

Af ter ‘space’ it was time for the‘Circus’. We practised our circus skills, juggling, throwing and balancing. We drew Clown faces, made Clown biscuits, we drew Clowns, made hand print elephants and sorted circus dogs by size deciding which sized hoop they would fit through. Sarah did  magic tricks with her amazing magic colouring book .

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