Daisy Chain April to July 2014

During term 6 we again enjoyed having the children’s Dads visit as part of our ‘Father’s Day week’. It was interesting for the Dads to see what their children get up to during their time at Daisy Chain and good for the children to share their favourite activities with their fathers.
We celebrated the United Nations day of the Child with a selection of activities and snacks from around the world. We made Malaysian Kites, Chinese Janzies, painted with Italian spaghetti and made Dutch windmill pictures to name but a few.

Daisy Chain’s teddy Ginger Bear had a visit from his Italian cousin Gino.

At the end of term we said farewell and good luck  to all of our school leavers with an excellent party at Splodges Soft Play in Westbury . The new term begins on 4th September.

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