Daisy Chain in March and a visit from OFSTED

We enjoyed activities with a focus on bears as result of children’s love of bears, some bring their favourite cuddlies with them to pre- school each day and we thought it would be nice to teach the children more about them. In the role play area we had the boat so the children could play out the story of the book ‘Sailor Bear’. We had porridge oats to explore instead of sand. Extending our maths skills comparing the sizes of bears, measuring them and matching them to chairs and beds and bowls from the Goldilocks story. We made honey sandwiches and bear caves thinking about what bears like to eat and where they live. This led to an introduction to the seasons and hibernation. We also enjoyed trying out the new bells Sarah bought us, making up lovely tunes.

OFSTED visited us on 9th March, we were extremely pleased to be judged OUTSTANDING in all areas.

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