Daisy Chain in April and May 2011

The Royal Wedding inspired our focus after the Easter activities and Bonnet Parade, we made crowns, bunting and coaches and even had a Royal Wedding snack Party With a Wedding cake and union jack hats.

Dancing round the May Pole caused great amusement as the children wound ribbons round the lady holding the May pole. We made flower garlands, counted flower petalsand practised our hand eye co-ordination when threading pasta and flower shapes to make May necklaces.

As the children had beeen enjoying animal role play we turned our focus to pets. The role play area became the Daisy Chain Pet Shop and Vets and we used our construction skills to make pet homes from junk boxes and toys such as lego and duplo. We counted button spots on paper dogs, made cow finger puppets, used magnetic shapes to make pet pictures, drew our own pets or one we wished to have and played the animal listening game.

The children were very interested in the visiting pets, we saw snails, Sarah’s daughter brought her puppy Fly in to see the children and one of the children’s snake came to visit, a baby boa called Selina.

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