Daisy Chain in April and May 2012

After the Easter break we began working through a set of activities initiated by the Speech and Language Therapy Service. It is known as BLAST Boosting, Language Auditory Skills and Talking. This is a 6 week course of daily activities introducing children to verbs, concepts (size/colour), turn taking, listening and waiting.
It was very interesting watching the children as we worked through the daily tasks in small groups. Some gained in confidence as the weeks went on, initially being reluctant to talk but joining in confidently as time went by. Those whose speech was clear and confident were some times impatient  and it was good for them to learn to take their turn and wait quietly inbetween, not jumping in when it was someone else’s turn to speak.

While these activities were going on we tried some new ideas in the role play area, A castle theme, emergency services head quarters, chocolate factory and jungle camp. We also had a visit from some stick insects Mr Big and Mr Tiny!

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