Daisy Chain in June and July

During June the children enjoyed lots of activities based on The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. We decided to run the activities after the event so that the children would be stimulated to talk about their experiences and htings they had seen on television. We made crowns, royal barges, flags and our dear old Ginger Bear visited the White Horse Pottery in New town, Westbury to see how Mr Newing made our Jubilee cups. Every child attending at that time was presented with one of these cups.

We also enjoyed having Dads, Grandads and uncles visit the setting as part of our Father’s day event . The children loved having them stay and play and the adults found it  a valuble experience a window on their child’s world. Parents are welcomed to ‘Stay and Play’ at any time it doesn’t just have to be during an event. Just ask a member of staff.

July was a busy month as our rising fives prepared for their next big adventure…… Big School. Reception teachers visited and shared the children’s Learning Journals. This helped them get to know each child  before their school visit.

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