September to December 2012

After the summer holidays we welcomed some new arrivals into Daisy Chain and began the year with activities based on Mini Beasts. We made shell rubbings looking at pattern and texture and watched how the snails moved about in the tank. The stick insects visited, then the children used sticks to create thier own insect. We used our number skills to count how many spots we printed on our potato print ladybirds. Our fine motor skills were used when threading wool to make a paper plate spider’s web and when drawing spirals for snail shells.

We enjoyed our usual Christmas festivities and visits. We went to decorate our Daisy Chain Christmas Tree at All Saint’s Church in Westbury and trips to Westbury Infant school to watch their Nativity plays. The Christmas Party was a great success the children loved the childrens entertainer Dave Hickory and the visit from Father Christmas.

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