Autumn 2013

During the Autumn Term children at Daisy Chain Learnt about the Farm. There were lots of different activities to try and the main play room was transformed into a farm yard with large toy animals The sit and ride tractors and a bale of hay.

 Even Ginger Bear got the chance to sit in the tractor.

Local farmer Brian brought his real tractor for us to look at and the children had a chance to sit in the cab.
One family brought their chicken in for us to see and Sarah Fox brought her dog called Fly which the children were allowed to pat if they wanted to and washed their hands afterwards.

Later in the term we thought about Being Healthy. We talked about eating healthy food , taking exercise, and keeping ourselves clean, particularly washing hands cleaning our teeth and covering our coughs (with our elbow so the cough and sneeze germs don’t get on our hands).
The garden was re turfed with a kind donation and the money raised from our sales and raffles went towards new equipment for the garden.

We changed activities to learn about Autumn, making bird feeders, hedgehogs (practising our scissor skills snipping straws for their spines), printing with leaves and making rubbings with leaves before starting our Christmas activities in December. Our Nativity Play was as popular as ever.Especially the story when told as the children remembered (Mary was visited by an angel called ‘Angel Delight’). The older children enjoyed walking to Westbury Infant School to see the Nativity Plays.

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