Daisy Chain in July

The children had been very interested in our ‘Around the World ‘ day at the beginning of June so we decided to revisit the topic and spend longer introducing them to other countries. We had lots of activities to use as a starting points and the children were interested in the large map of the world wanting to know where they lived.

We talked about Russia and compared the sizes and drew around a set of Russian nesting dolls. We made pictures using glue and sand and made pyramid pictures from rectangles of paper whist talking about deserts and Egypt. Australia was introduced through it’s varied wildlife and the children made vegemite sandwiches. The children used their mathematical skills to build tall towers and compare sizes as they looked at pictures of skyscrapers in New York. We made red fans from China and made the South African flag and designed flags of our own. Italy was introduced as we explored painting with dry and cooked pasta  comparing the different marks we made.

The children also explored fish from around the world as a sea cod, trout and squid was available for them to touch (with gloves on).

Our summer fete was a great success contributing £150 towards the garden improvements.
We said goodbye to our school leavers who enjoyed their farewell party at Kalula  Kids soft play and we were excited to meet Peppa Pig who popped in to see us.

Daisy Chain restarts on Wed 4th September2013.

Daisy Chain in June 2013

At the beginning of June we celebrated Universal Children’s Day. This is celebrated around the world. Some countries celebrate at different times of the year. Slavonic countries celebrate on 1st June, other countries choose 20th November. Children’s Day began in 1954 originally to protect  children working in dangerous circumstances  and the rights of children to an education.
The children’s activities for our ‘Children’s day’ were based on the theme of ‘Around the World in a day’. We played with cooked pasta (Italy), dry coloured rice (India), had ice and snow in the water tray with Arctic animals (Canada), We had paper dolls in  natinal costume (Turkey), colouring sheets of national dress and folk tales (Poland). We dressed up in Chinese clothes, played with desert and jungle animals (Africa) and sorted wooden clogs by size and tried them on (noisily) from the Netherlands. From Britiain we explored wobbly sticky jelly.

The week before Fathers Day Daddies , Grandad’s, Uncles and friends came in to play with the children. They were in great demand from all the children and read stories, played cars, played with the play dough and joined in with the daily activities. Some Daddies made clay bugs, others made finger printed lady birds etc  depending on which day they came in to play. The focus at the time being ‘Mini Beasts’.

Everone found the mini beast topic interesting, we looked at snails and slugs and Sharon brought in her stick insects. Some children were keen to hold them, others preferred to look from a distance.
We made glittery spider’s webs, drew around buttons to make spots on ladybirds, counted ladybirds and tried to match number to ammount by placing 3 ladybirds on number 3 etc. and we also used twigs to make stick insect pictures.

The Gruffalo  forest and cave

Several children love the Gruffalo story so we focussed  activities  on this book for a week. The role play area was turned into the Gruffalo’s cave , resources were provided for dressing up as characters from the story , Sarah bought lots of puppets, jigsaws and games for us to use based on the book.

Eating Gruffalo crunble
Mixing oaty Gruffalo crumble
The Gruffalo


Daisy Chain March to May 2013

We enjoyed exploring all kinds of Easter themed activities. We decorated eggs, counted eggs, looked at different sized eggs from a tiny zebra finch to a giant ostrich egg, We used egg shell to decorate a Humpty Dumpty puppet and had a wonderful Easter Bonnet parade.

 We had a visit from the ‘Zoo Lab’. We sat round in a circle while the lady showed us all her animals and talked about  each one. She told us about animals sleeping in the winter and waking up in the spring.

 We went on to focus on the theme of Space.

 ‘Aliens love underpants’ is a favourite story of the children’s. We made star shaped biscuits, blew paint through straws to make aliens, used salt dough to make space monsters. As astronauts have to get fit to go to space we did an assault course. We also extended our number recognition skills by fishing for numbered stars. We thought about safety and wearing seat belts and helmets then used boxes to make space helmets.

Af ter ‘space’ it was time for the‘Circus’. We practised our circus skills, juggling, throwing and balancing. We drew Clown faces, made Clown biscuits, we drew Clowns, made hand print elephants and sorted circus dogs by size deciding which sized hoop they would fit through. Sarah did  magic tricks with her amazing magic colouring book .

Daisy Chain in January and February 2013

After the Christmas break we returned to pre school and began our topic on ‘homes.’
We talked about our homes and animal’s homes and looked at different types of buildings, including the 3 little pig’s houses. The role play area became an estate agent’s.
The snow didn’t put us off and staff and children enjoyed playing out in the snow with snowballs, sledges and snowmen. Even the settings favourite bear Ginger had fun in the snow with his freind Neville.

Just before the holiday we celebrated Chinese New Year with noodles, red envelopes and dragon dancing.

September to December 2012

After the summer holidays we welcomed some new arrivals into Daisy Chain and began the year with activities based on Mini Beasts. We made shell rubbings looking at pattern and texture and watched how the snails moved about in the tank. The stick insects visited, then the children used sticks to create thier own insect. We used our number skills to count how many spots we printed on our potato print ladybirds. Our fine motor skills were used when threading wool to make a paper plate spider’s web and when drawing spirals for snail shells.

We enjoyed our usual Christmas festivities and visits. We went to decorate our Daisy Chain Christmas Tree at All Saint’s Church in Westbury and trips to Westbury Infant school to watch their Nativity plays. The Christmas Party was a great success the children loved the childrens entertainer Dave Hickory and the visit from Father Christmas.

Daisy Chain in June and July

During June the children enjoyed lots of activities based on The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. We decided to run the activities after the event so that the children would be stimulated to talk about their experiences and htings they had seen on television. We made crowns, royal barges, flags and our dear old Ginger Bear visited the White Horse Pottery in New town, Westbury to see how Mr Newing made our Jubilee cups. Every child attending at that time was presented with one of these cups.

We also enjoyed having Dads, Grandads and uncles visit the setting as part of our Father’s day event . The children loved having them stay and play and the adults found it  a valuble experience a window on their child’s world. Parents are welcomed to ‘Stay and Play’ at any time it doesn’t just have to be during an event. Just ask a member of staff.

July was a busy month as our rising fives prepared for their next big adventure…… Big School. Reception teachers visited and shared the children’s Learning Journals. This helped them get to know each child  before their school visit.

Daisy Chain in April and May 2012

After the Easter break we began working through a set of activities initiated by the Speech and Language Therapy Service. It is known as BLAST Boosting, Language Auditory Skills and Talking. This is a 6 week course of daily activities introducing children to verbs, concepts (size/colour), turn taking, listening and waiting.
It was very interesting watching the children as we worked through the daily tasks in small groups. Some gained in confidence as the weeks went on, initially being reluctant to talk but joining in confidently as time went by. Those whose speech was clear and confident were some times impatient  and it was good for them to learn to take their turn and wait quietly inbetween, not jumping in when it was someone else’s turn to speak.

While these activities were going on we tried some new ideas in the role play area, A castle theme, emergency services head quarters, chocolate factory and jungle camp. We also had a visit from some stick insects Mr Big and Mr Tiny!

Daisy Chain in March 2012

We enjoyed lots of Easter and egg themed activities in March. We made Easter cards for our families and practised out counting skills and compare how many were in groups of eggs as we made chocolate nest cakes and counted out mini eggs to go on top. Hot cross buns for snack were the order of the day. We helped the Easter Rabbit deliver the correct number of Easter eggs to the residents of the Dolls House. Chick world made an appearance, the children enjoyed the small world role play with the fluffy yellow chicks. The children were shown a selection of eggs form a tiny zebra finch to the giant ostrich egg and then they practised their cutting skills cutting out egg shapes and gluing egg shell on them. At the end of term we had our Easter Bonnet Parade and mini fete. The bonnets were amazing and everyone was different.

Daisy Chain in February

Some of the children had been very interested in Pirates, fish and other beach themes so we decided to base our focus on the seaside. Staff collected resources on a trip to the beach and we made our own rock pool, we counted and sorted shells, explored heavy and light through weighing stones and sponges, used shapes to make boats, made boats from junk materials, sea creatures fron circle shapes and most exciting of all we explored real fish from the fish counter. We looked at mackerell, langustines, a red faced gurnard and a long legged octopus. Some children just wanted to look but others were happy to spend a long time touching and playing with the sea creatures. The role play area had resources from the Owl and the Pussy cat poem and we looked at treasure and money.

January 2012

During January the children took part in Chinese New Year celebrations, they had great fun Dragon Dancing and hearing the story of Nien the Dragon. We had noodles and prawn crackers for snacks. We made fans and red envelopes and folded paper dragon puppets.

Our two new members of staff settled in well, soon becoming part of our happy team.